What service or product is Artsy Einstein Designs offering?

Artsy Einstein Designs specializes in the design, processing and printing of custom photo/shape collages. We utilize images supplied by you and overlay, embed or integrate these photos into the background of your selection. We can customize the content to meet your meticulous desires.

How do I supply the images needed to create the custom shape collage?

Artsy Einstein Designs worked very hard to develop a great user interface to easily allow you to either drag and drop images from your computer into our media addition tool or to extract your images from a multitude of social media or storage media sites where photos are likely stored or displayed. The user interface will provide you with the opportunity to confirm your selections and once the upload process is complete, the imagery will display on the product page to ensure all intended imagery is present for submission.

Why isn’t there a preview option available?

Artsy Einstein Designs was founded on the principle that true art cannot be replicated through a computer algorithm. That art remains a handcrafted form produced with either a brush or mouse in hand. For this reason, we have meticulously created a sample for each background that we offer. We hope this sample offers you a glimpse into what your artwork will reflect upon your walls.

Since each piece is hand-crafted, how long will the production process take?

Each image within the collective design is placed with precision and aesthetic awareness. We ensure that each image is a focal point of the collective whole and this requires a thorough and rigorous review of each detail of the final output. Therefore, we allocate between 2 – 5 days to produce each piece which is subject to change based on the volume of demand.

What is the minimum number of photos necessary to create the collage?

We suggest a minimum of 20 images to give us some creative leeway; however, many of the samples provided were composed of 30 or more images. We are experts at the collective aesthetic and will methodically scale and place each individual image at it’s optimum focal point of the collective whole.

Will the site’s “Add Media” tool recognize image size and resolution to ensure image quality is sufficient to produce HD prints? 

No, the site currently does NOT have the capacity to analyze an image to determine if it meets the minimum resolutions necessary to produce a HD image. Unfortunately, this option would bog down the load process and elongate upload times. Therefore, Artsy Einstein will use it’s discretion after all images have been uploaded to determine integration viability. If we identify an image whose resolution is insufficient to produce the optimal output, then we will request an additional image. Unfortunately, despite the advancements of technology, we have limitations with regards to enhancing the resolution of imagery and this is a hurdle that we cannot currently clear. Our designers will work closely with you to ensure that a premium solution is the only possible outcome.

Why is the default size set to 11 x 14? 

Although we can produce the custom shape collages at any desired size, we have found the optimum size for artwork containing 20+ photos to be 11 x 14 and up. The 8 x 10 is still beautiful and a great addition to any home where a small scale is desired. However, the 11 x 14 print size allows the scale of the photo to be minimally reduced, thereby increasing the clarity and aesthetic of each photo with collective piece of art.

You don’t have the background that I am looking for?

We will release new artwork intermittently to provide a continuous stream of new content. However, in the event that you do not find a product that appeals to you, let us know and we will have it designed via commission with a local artist or we will find a comparable alternative. Our goal is to make your vision come to life and we will take the necessary ethical steps to ensure that your vision becomes reality.