First and foremost, we at Artsy Einstein Designs aim to be the ethically founded and will conduct all affairs with our moral compass sustaining a NORTHERN bearing. We stand proud of our products and the services that we offer and tailer each production as though we intended to mount them within our own home. We will approach our customers as breathren and will ensure that the quality of the product will meet your meticulous demands.

We have created these pieces of art utilizing designs found within the public domain. None of our artwork is produced in defiance of any known copyright / trademark laws NOR will they ever be marketed as such. We believe that beauty cannot be confined to any single border and believe that no object can capture the beauty of the 1st hand experience; however, we think we created the closest thing to it, restoring memories and preserving them in a form of art that is assured to be the focal point of any wall it adorns.

We do not intend to become a mammoth company nor will we treat as customers as affiliates of such. Your information will remain exclusively stored within our databases and will not provide any of it to the marketplace in any way shape or form. What you submit is private and all imagery submitted will be digitally destroyed after the finished product is received through shipment verification.

All refunds and exchanges will be honored within 30 days of receipt. Items must be in new condition and in the original packaging to qualify for a refund (please do not disassemble or modify the product in any way). *Please note, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. If you elect to return an item, the return shipping costs will be deducted from your total refund amount.

*Google Analytics has been incorporated as a user tracking measure into this website. No user data will be sold or transferred to any third party entities. This information is used only to enhance the User Centered Design of the website by better understanding user flow through the content of the website. This data will be used to optimize site functionality to enhance the overall user experience while shopping with Artsy Einstein.